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Director's Profile

Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa

A Teacher, Writer, Education Reformist and Social Activist

Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa, a divinely inspired and committed person, is one of the emerging litterateurs of Punjabi Literary thought, who have been continuously engaged in contemplation and innovation related to the study and teaching of Punjabi Language and literature. Having earned a considerable recognition in the contemporary Punjabi literature, Dr. Dhesa combines in him an ideal teacher, writer and promoter of literary taste and education among the students.

Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa embodies sensitiveness, perseverance and wisdom which are the essential ingredients of both a teacher and a creative writer. A postgraduate in Punjabi from Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. Dhesa did his doctorate on “Dr. Dewan Singh Kalepani : Contemplation and Art” under the guidance of the eminent Punjabi scholar and teacher Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar.

Born on 13 September 1961 in a sleepy village Dhespura in Tehsil Chamkaur Sahib, Distt.Ropar, Panjab, Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa has been trying to fulfill the dream of his father S. Dalbara Singh and mother Smt. Surjit Kaur ever since his school days. Dr. Dhesa’s grandmother reading the hidden talent in the little Jagir Singh often remarked “This child is certainly a scholar of the olden times.” The same talent was observed by Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar when he observed Dr. Dhesa’s deep interest in literature along with his passion for teaching. With 27 years of teaching to his credit, Dr. Dhesa is at present serving as Vice-Principal-Administration and Head, Department of Punjabi, Patel Memorial National College, Rajpura (Panjab).

Little wonder that inheriting diligence from his father, commitment from his teachers, particularly from Dr. Kesar, and courage, outspokenness and humanitarianism from Dr. Dewan Singh Kalepani, Dr. Dhesa endeared teaching as his profession. While studying for hours together in the Panjab University library, Dr. Dhesa had thought long and deep and realized that associating himself with the literary world would enable him to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful teacher.

A votary of liberalism in creative writing, Dr. Dhesa is closely associated with several literary associations like – Punjabi Sahit Academy, Ludhiana, Punjabi Sahit Academy, Chandigarh, PunjabiLekhak Sabha (Regd.) Chandigarh, KendriPunjabiLekhak Sabha (Regd.), Jagriti (Magazine of PanjabGovt), KomantriPunjabiIlam (Regd.) Chandigarh and Dr. Dhesa is also the editor of literary magazine “Pairan”andNavrangSahitakKhojPatrika in addition to being President of International KalamVicharManch.

Besides contributing to Punjabi newspapers and periodicals of repute from time to time, Dr. Dhesa has penned down as many as 26 books on literature and criticism.

As a teacher and lover of literature, Dr.Jagir Singh Dhesa has a passion and zeal to promote creative writing among his students and the constituting of Punjabi Sahit Sabha in the college is one of such endeavours by him.

Dr. Dhesa has earned the applause and appreciation not only from his friends, admirers, contemporaries, teachers, students and readers for enhancing the glory of the state through his eminent literary writings and superb teaching learning efforts, but several government and non government bodies have also recognized his contributions. Appreciating the qualities of both head and heart, several organizations have bestowed awards and Honours upon Dr. Dhesa, notable of them are ‘Best Teacher Award’ by Association of Private Educational Institutions (Regd.) Chandigarh, ‘Merit Certificate’ by Sesfar& Nice Sweden (India) and ‘Letter of Appreciation’ by SarvSikhya Abhiyan, Patiala. Keeping in view the contributions of Dr. Dhesa in the field of teaching, literature and social service, he was given an award of Honour on 15 August 2014 by Hon’ble S.D.M. Rajpura, Distt.-Patiala(Panjab) and award of Honour at District level, Patiala by Hon’ble Revenue Minister, Panjab, Sh. Bikramjit Singh Majithia on Independence Day 15 August, 2016.

As a Member of Faculty of Languages, member of Board of Post Graduate Studies and member of Research committee, Punjabi University, Patiala, Dr. Dhesa is amply contributing to the cause of education. He is at present guiding eight Ph.D. research scholars and two research scholars have already been awarded Ph.D. degree.

As an education reformist, Dr. Dhesa is against the virus of help books and he always inspires students to develop taste for reading more and more of the library books. Keeping the reforms in teaching methodology in view, Dr. Dhesa organized a National Seminar on “The Changing Contexts of the Teaching of Punjabi Literature,” in which a meaningful dialogue was held on the important issues like building up a healthy academic environment, creating human oriented system of education, searching new teaching learning methodology and reducing the gap between the teacher and the taught. Dr. Dhesa has also organized three more UGC Sponsored National Seminars on Guru Nanak Dev Ji Di Punjabiyat Nu Den, Guru Nanak Bani di AjokeParsangVichSarthakta, Guru Nanak Bani De MoolSarokar.

Besides an educationist and littérateur, Dr. Dhesa is a highly gentle, God fearing, friendly and helpful person, who is associated with several public welfare organizations. He is so generous that he funds the educational expenses of poor students to the tune of rupees one and a half lac every year. As a social activist, he is closely associated with National Service Scheme and Dr.Dhesa is known to organize NSS camps of more than 300 students. Under the “SaanviDharti Programme”, he has been leading plantation drives for the last several years. This social service of Dr. Dhesa has earned him certificate of Merit and Best Programme Officer Award in 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.

An admirer of the great poet Bhai Veer Singh Dr. Dhesa considers his students as his greatest asset and aspires for producing students of calibre and character year after year. It is worth mentioning that many of his students are serving the society and the nation at high posts. May his dreams get realized at the earliest!

Achievements of Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa

Dr. Jagir Singh Dhesa, Director-Offg. and Head Post Graduate Department of Punjabi in this college, is a versatile personality. During his teaching career of over 26 years he has made significant contribution to the field of Education, Literature and Social Service. His major achievements are listed as below:

  • Contribution to Academic and Management of the Institution:

    • Registrar, Academic Affairs(College Examination)
    • NSS Programme Officer since 01.09.2005
    • Senior Tutor (UG & PG Classes)
    • Convener Guru Nanak Dev Studies Centre (UGC Sponsored)
    • Member Literary Advisory Committee
    • Incharge Legal Literacy Cell
    • Incharge Campus beautification
    • Member College Canteen Committee
    • Member College Discipline Committee
    • Member College Alumni Committee
    • Member College Publicity Committee
    • Incharge of UGC Committee
    • Member of Scholarship/Fee Concession Committee
    • Member of Student Welfare Committee
    • Member of Core and Strategic Committee
    • Member of Board of Post Graduate Study, Punjabi University, Patiala
    • Member of faculty of Languages, Punjabi University, Patiala
    • Member of Research Board, Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Research Guidance:

  • Eight scholars registered with Punjabi University, Patiala for Ph.D. in Punjabi Language and Literature. Two candidates have been awarded the degree of Ph.D.

  • Coordinator of National and State Seminars:

    • National Seminar (UGC Sponsored)
      • Guru Nanak Dev Ji di Punjabiyat Nu Den on 13th Nov., 2010, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Guru Nanak Bani di AjokheParsangvichSarthakta on 29th December, 2011, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Guru Nanak Bani de Mool Sarokar on 21st Jan., 2013, PMN College, Rajpura.
    • State Seminars
      • The Changing Contexts of the Teaching of Punjabi Literature 16th May, 2012, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 27th Oct., 2009, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 2nd Nov., 2010, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 2nd Dec., 2011, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 22nd Nov., 2012, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 22nd Nov., 2013, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 22nd Jan., 2015, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar Yadgari Seminar 10th Feb, 2016, PMN College, Rajpura.
  • UGC Research Project Undertaken as Convener, PMN College Rajpura.Major Research Project, amounting to Rs. 10 Lakhs.

  • Guru Nanak Dev Studies Centre

    (Epoch Making Social Thinker of India)

  • Books Published on Punjabi Literature:

  • Sr. No.    


    Gurudwara Karm sar Raara Sahib


    Sant Isher Singh Ji Lambian Sahib Wale


    Kalepani : KaavAdhyan


    Wartakkar : Diwan Singh Kalepani


    Sahitak Drishtikon


    Adhunik Punjabi Kavita : Vichardharak Paripekh


    Balwant Gargi Naatwich dukhant


    Sahit De Nave Pratimaan


    Adhunik Punjabi Kavita Naal Samwaad


    Adhunik Punjabi Naatak : Samwaad ate Samikhya


    Adhunik Punjabi Kavita : Vidhaan ate Vihaar


    Punjabi Vartak : Adhiante Adhiapan

    Thoughts and Reflections

    Je Tu Akal Latif


    Guru Nanak Dev Ji Di Punjabiyat Nu Den(UGC)


    Guru Nanak Bani de Mul Sarokaar (UGC)


    Baaz Da Geet

    Collection of Essays

    Te Ja dRukh Bolde Han


    Meri Kalam de Bol

    General Book

    Bhashan Kala Ate Stagi Shayari


    Guru Nanak Bani: Samwaad ate Samikhya


    Punjabi Naat Chintan


    Punjabi Kavita Vich Adhunik Samvedna


    Marxvaadi Samikhya Drishti: Punar Samvaad


    Punjabi Kavita: Roopki Prabandh


    Kalepaani Padhdyan Vaachdyan
  • Research Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars, Workshops:

    • International Research Papers
      • Novel da Birtant Shastra, Jan 7-9, 2010, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • New Perspectives of Bani-Chintan in the Global Era, March 25, 2010, Panjab University, Chandigarh
      • Dr.Kesar Singh Kesar di kavya drishti 16-17 Nov., 2011, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Punjabi Kahaniyan vich naari vaad da sankalap, 5-7 Dec., 2012, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani di vichardhara ate kavyadrishti, 27-29 Nov., 2013, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Sant Singh Sekhon de navel anvichale samajik yatharka da sarot, 15-17 Dec., 2014, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Balwant Gargi de Natka Wich Aurat di Antreev Vedna Da Dukhant, Dec. 9-11, 2015, PunjabiUniversity, Chandigarh.
      • Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani di Vaartak de Darshanik Sarokar, Dec 7-9, 2016, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Guru Gobind Singh Ji Di Veerta Da Praman Jafarnama, Nov 25-26, 2016, Post Graduate Govt., Girls College, Sec 42, Chandigarh.
    • National Seminars
      • Sex Education ; Relevance and Methodology to Import it 24 Sept., 2009, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani di kavya Chetna 18 Dec., 2009, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
      • Punjab, Punjabi ate Punjabiyat de badala de paripekh 25 Feb., 2010, D.M.College, Moga, UGC Sponsored.
      • Bhagat Ravidas di Baani vich Samajik Chetna, 07 Oct., 2010, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Guru Nanak Bani de Manviya Sarokaar, 13 Nov., 2010, UGC Sponsored.
      • Mahatma Gandhi da Smajwaad,04 Feb, 2011, P.M.N College, Rajpura, UGC Sponsored.
      • Impact of globalization on Indian Higher Education Scenario, 11 March , 2011, P.M.N.College, Rajpura, UGC Sponsored.
      • PunjabiNatak: Sambhawanawan ate Prapatian, 30 April-1 May,2011, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • LohPurush :Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel da Rajneeti vich yogdaan, 31 Oct., 2011, P.M.N.College, Rajpura, UGC Sponsored.
      • Guru Nanak Bani Pravachan: Samikhya ate Samvad, Dec 29, 2011, PMN College, Rajpura UGC Sponsored.
      • Sikh Dharam vich Istari da Sankalap, 19 Jan., 2012, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
      • Guru Nanak Bani: Manvi Bhavikh lai Prerna Sarot, Jan 21, 2013, PMN College Rajpura(UGC Sponsored).
      • Guru Nanak Bani de Mool Sarokar, 31 Jan, 2013, P.M.N College, Rajpura (U.G.C Sponsored).
      • Sardar Patel Da Smajvaad , 24 Feb, 2014, P.M.N College, Rajpura (U.G.C Sponsored).
      • Post Graduate Paddhar de Punjabi Paathkaram: SahitiSedhan, March 4-6, 2014, Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Sardar Patel: Ik Yug Purush, 31 Oct., 2014, P.M.N College, Rajpura, (UGC Sponsored).
      • Sardar Patel Di Ajoke Prasang Vich Sarthakta, 31 Oct.,2015, P.M.N College, Rajpura (UGC Sponsored).
      • Samkali Punjabi Kavita De Sarokar Ate Sambhawnava, November 6-7,2015, GMN National College, Ambala Cantt(UGC Sponsored).
      • Guru Tegh Bhadur Bani da Kavik Prawachan, 1 Dec, 2015, Panjab University, Chandigarh (UGC Sponsored).
      • Influence of Shakespeare on Punjabi Drama, March 18, 2016, PMN College, Rajpura (UGC Sponsored).
      • Punjabi Lok dhara Ate Sabbhiyachar: Vartmaan Chunnotiyan, 29 April, 2016, The Royal Group of Colleges, Bodhawal Mansa (UGC Sponsored).
    • State Seminars
      • Pragtivaadi Vichardhaara te Punjabi Kavita: Naven Pratiman, 20 Oct. 2009, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Adhunik Punjabi Kavita da Mul te Mulankan, Nov 2, 2010, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Female Feticide, Nov 3, 2010, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Impact of Globalization on Indian Higher Education Scenario March 11, 2011, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Navin Peedhi da Punjabi Sahit Naal Samwaad, 10 Sept. 2013, SKRM, College, BHagooMajra , Kharar, (Mohali)
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar: Punjabi Sahit Chintan, Nov 22, 2013, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Surjeet Patar da Kaav Samvaad, Nov 23, 2013, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Need of AIDS Awareness, Dec 2-3, 2014, Youth Red Cross Unit, Red Ribbon Club, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Punjabi Novel: Aurat Ate Samaaj, Dec 27, 2014, MBBGGG Girls College, Rattewal, Distt. (SBS, Nagar)
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar di Alochana Drishti, 22 Jan.2015, PMN College, Rajpura.
      • Sahit Smaajate Manukhi mul: Dashate Disha, 23 Jan 2015, PMN College, Rajpura
      • Sahitya mein ManavMulya, January 23, 2015, PMN College, Rajpura
      • Samkaali Punjabi Kavita Vich Naari Samvedna, Oct 3, 2015, , MBBGGG Girls College, Rattewal, Distt. (SBS, Nagar)
      • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar: SamikhyaVidhiTeVichardhara,February 10, 2016, PMN College, Rajpura.
  • Research papers Published in Books:

    • Puran Singh Di KavyaChetna, 2002.
    • Naat-Parampara vich dukhant da Sankalp, 2002.
    • Vihvinsadi de doanti mdhakeyan di Punjabi kavita da vicechan, 2003.
    • Bhai Veer Singh Kaav-model :Bani Parampara, 2003.
    • Pash di Kavita da pachan chin: Vidroh, 2003.
    • Gurbaksh Singh Preetladhi di sahit-Sanvedna, 2003.
    • Balwant Gargi de Naatak: Dhooni di aag da themicadhiyan, 2004.
    • Guru ArjanDev Ji :Jiwante partibha, 2005.
    • Vilakhanhastakhar : Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani, 2006.
    • Guru Nanak Bani di ajoke parsang vich sarthakta, 2010.
    • Adhunik Punjabi Kavita da Mul te Mulankan, 2010.
    • Bawa Balwant da Kaav Peradime, 2010
    • Adhunik Punjabi Natak :Ik Vishleshan, 2011
    • Bawa Balwant di Kaav Chetna, 2011
    • Guru Nanak Bani de Manvi Sarokar, 2011.
    • Mahatma Gandhi da Smaajwaad, 2012.
    • Dr. Kesar Singh Kesar di Kaav Drishti, 2012
    • Bhagat Ravidas Bani da Mul-Vidhaan, 2013
    • Puran Singh Di Kavita da Pachan-chin punjabiyat, 2013
    • Surjeet Patar da Kaav-Sanwaad, 2013
    • Dr.Harbhajan Singh da Kaav-VidhanteVihar, 2013
    • Adhunik Punjabi Naatak diyan parvittiyaan, 2013
    • Ajmer Singh Aulakh de Naatak “Saat Bagane”de Samajik Sarokaar, 2013.
    • Gurcharan Singh Jasuja de Naatak “Pariyaan” vich Naari Sanvedna, 2013
    • Gurbaksh Singh Preetladhi di Vaartak vich Piar Phalsafa, 2013
    • Puratan Punjabi Vaartak de Vidhagat Pasaar, 2014.
    • Guru Nanak Bani :Maanvi Bhavikh layi prernasarot, 2014
    • Dr. Diwansingh Kalepani di Vichardhara te Kaav drishti, 2014.
    • Guru Nanak BaniParvachan : Samikheya te Sanwad, 2015.
    • FaridBani ate Islamic Chintan: Antar Samwad, 2016.
    • Bulleh Shah di Kaav Rachna da Manvi Paripekh, 2016.
    • BalwantGargi de Natkan vich Aurat di Antreer vedna da dukhant, 2016
    • Guru Gobind Singh ji Din Beerta da Praman: Jafarnama, 2017
      • Research Paper Accepted by Indian Sahitya Academy, New Delhi:

      • “Socialism of Mahatma Gandhi” has been shortlisted by Indian Sahitya Academy, New Delhi for publishing in all the other Indian languages.

      • Articles Published in Newspapers and Magazines of Punjabi:

      • More than 150 articles.

  • Efforts Towards Education Reform:

    • Valuable suggestions forwarded to Punjabi University, Patiala in the capacity of member of board of studies towards making 3 papers of MA Punjabi Job oriented by incorporating computer Translation and Journalism in the curriculum.
    • Made the below given significant suggestions through seminars in order to bring about a perceptible change in the academic process of teaching and learning:
      • Building up a healthy academic environment.
      • Creating human oriented system of education.
      • Searching new teaching learning methodology.
      • Reducing the gap between the teacher and the taught.
      • Centralizing the marginalized system of value based on morality and thoughtfulness.


    • Tree plantation under “Saanvi Dharti Programme” : over 21 thousands saplings have been planted so far.
    • Student Welfare scheme whereby more than one lakh rupees are spent on fees any books every year of needy students.
    • More than 14 Blood Donation Camps were organized during Sadbhawana Diwas
    • NSS camps have been highly acknowledge by Punjabi University, Patiala in which nearly 300 students participate against the sanction of only 100. Campaign against drugs and social evils is undertaken in these camps in rural Punjab along with promoting adult education and cleanliness drive (swachhabhiyaan ).

    • Award of Honour at District Level, Patiala by Hon’ble Revenue Minister, Sh. Bikramjit Singh Majithia on Independence Day, 15 Aug, 2016.
    • Appreciation award by SDM Rajpura on Independence Day, 15 Aug 2014.
    • Certificate of merit for the session 2010-11 from department of NSS, Punjabi University, Patiala.
    • Best NSS Programme Officer awarded by Punjabi University, Patiala, 2011-2012.
    • Best NSS Programme Officer awarded byPunjabi University, Patiala,2012-2013.
    • Best NSS Programme Officer awarded by Punjabi University, Patiala,2014-2015
    • Bestteacher award presented by Association of Private Educational Institutions( Regd.) Chandigarh.
    • Award of Honour by Punjabi Sahit Sabha Ambala, Haryana, 2010.
    • Award of Honour by KendriLekhak Sabha, Chandigarh. 2011.
    • Letter of appreciation from SarvSikhya Abhiyan, Patiala in the year 2011.
    • Merit Certificate from Sesfar and Nice Sweden( India) on 04.03.2011.
    • Award of Honour by International KalamVicharManch Mohali, Panjab. 2012
    • Award of Honourby Panjab State Blood Transfusion Centre,Panjab, 2013.
    • Award of Honour by Panjab State AIDS Control Society in 2013.
    • Award of Honour, ( S.K.R.M College BhagooMajra, Kharar, 10.09.2013)
    • Award of Honour, PMN College, Rajpura many times 2006, 2008, 2010,2011,2012,2013.
    • Award of Honour by Hindi and Punjabi Sahit Sabha. PMN College, Rajpura, 2014
    • Award of Honour, Rajpura Press club (Regd.) Rajpura, 03.11.2013.
    • Award of Honour Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Jasmer Singh Jeji College, Sangrur.
    • Award of Honour, Rajindra Medical College, Patiala. 2014.
    • Award of Honour, M.B.B.G.G.G Girls College, Rattewal, Distt. SBS Naga (Pb) 2014.
    • Award of Honour by PanjabState Blood Transfusion Centre, Panjab, 2016.
    • Award of Honour by PanjabState Blood Transfusion Centre, Panjab, 2017.