Director's Message

Join in our Aspiration to Develop a Passion for Learning

Welcome to Patel Institute of Management and Technology Rajpura, presenting a tremendous commitment to innovation and serving the needs of the nation. Our institution not only contributes to the creation of new knowledge but is also meant to inspire you. We are proud of our innovative ideas and positive approaches in every sphere of activity. My focus will be on refining our strategic direction and identifying opportunities for growth. At Patel Institute of Management and Technology, we have a special responsibility in equipping the future professionals with the right attitude and skills that would help them to become winners and leaders in this new information age of Technology and Management. A modern infrastructure, continuing realignment of curriculum and pedagogy and a committed & skilled faculty are essential attributes of our institute.

Alongside problem-based learning, traditional theory-based lectures are combined with seminars and workshops that develop your analytical and communication skills through discussion. MBA and MCA courses also require a large amount of independent study, cultivating your ability to do your own research and motivate yourself to meet a deadline and become an increasingly independent thinker. Of course, what really bring our teaching to life are our teachers themselves. You’ll be studying under some truly inspirational individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, industry experiences and approaches to your subject.

As you will soon discover, our Institute is much more than just a place to acquire knowledge; it leads to all round personality development. We take pride in being an institution with innumerable multidisciplinary learning opportunities. Thanks to honorable management for continuous support and inspiration for the development and to accomplish the aspirations of students and the institute. I wish all of you a fulfilling and empowering journey ahead.

It is my great privilege to welcome you at Patel institute of Management and Technology.

Dr Jagir Singh Dhesa(Officiating Director)